In India, Realme may Soon Release a Google TV Streaming Stick

Flipkart is already preparing for its Big Billion Days Sale 2021, which is just around the corner – though the business hasn’t said when it will begin.

Regardless, it’s already issued a teaser indicating what to expect – there are a number of products listed, including one that was only displayed for a brief period before being removed. Thankfully, someone on the internet is usually fast to take a screenshot when this happens, so here it is:

Image Source: Gsmarena

That the “Realme 4K Google TV Stick” hasn’t been released anywhere else in the world, and the mention of “Google TV” is intriguing because the new interface has only been available in a few countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

India is conspicuously absent. However, the description on Flipkart stated that this would be the “first ever in India,” so does this suggest that Google TV would be available in India soon, operating on the new Realme stick? Maybe. Hopefully.

But it’s also possible that Flipkart mistook Google TV for Android TV, and we’d understand if they did, given how baffling Google’s name has been in this arena. Remember, what we now call Android TV was first known as Google TV. And today’s Google TV is really just a more advanced layer on top of Android TV that is branded differently. Are you perplexed yet? That was our goal, to be sure.

Anyway, when Flipkart’s event begins, the mystery will be solved, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know what happens. In any event, it appears like a Realme 4K streaming stick, running either of Google’s TV UIs, is on the road.

Source: Gsmarena

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