Jordan Battle of Alabama Elaborates on Nick Saban’s “Deez Nuts” Jokes: “He’s Always Talking About ‘Touch Deez’ or ‘Suck on Deez'”

While Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has a reputation for being a stern and humorless man, there is mounting evidence that he isn’t that way with his players. The stories regarding Saban constantly giving players variations of the internet-popular “Deez nuts” jokes are one such example. Former Alabama running back Josh Jacobs and current Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa both told Dan Patrick about the practice in 2019:

he reason this is back in the news cycle is from Alabama safety Jordan Battle’s media availability Tuesday, where he delivered some particular examples of Saban’s “Deez nuts” jokes:

Casagrande stated on that he had already asked other players about Saban’s remark, so he asked Battle about it. In contrast to Casagrande’s prior interviewees, Battle chose a different approach:

I’d been asking some of the older players if they had any favorite Saban sayings after sixth-year senior Chris Owens rattled off a few word for word after the game Saturday.

Perhaps Battle heard a few as a junior who plays in the secondary that Saban helps coach more than any other position. Owens was rattling off a few of the folksy, old-time motivational quotes he’s heard a million times from Saban.

Battle was thinking more like Jacobs.

“Not that I can think of right now because he has so many,” Battle began as he thought about it, “but there are a few I like.”


“He’s always talking about ‘touch deez’ or ‘suck on deez.’ All that.”

If anything, this just shows that we need to get Saban in some more PG-13 to R-rated commercials.

Source: MSN Sports

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