Recovering Conor McGregor is Focused on Setting an Example for Children and Feels Like he ‘Could Kick Right now’

Conor McGregor confesses that his recovery has been difficult, but he is making progress.

McGregor walked (and even tussled) over the red carpet with the use of a cane during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. It’s been just over two months since he shattered his leg in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

On the streets of New York on Monday, McGregor provided an update on his status. While he feels wonderful, McGregor is trusting the medical professionals and following their instructions before resuming full-throttle activities.

“I feel like I could kick right now,” McGregor told Adam’s Apple. “I honestly feel like I could kick right now, but I’m just got to listen to the doctors and listen to the people that guided me. That’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve committed myself to the work. I’m back on the feet. It feels so good to be back on the feet.”

While competition is on his mind, an additional motivating factor is the example he can set for his children along his path to recovery. McGregor, a father of three, thinks it’s important to display to his eldest son, Conor Jr., where hard work and dedication in the face of adversity can get him.

“When I left my son (for training camp), I was jumping 360 flips, and then, the next time he sees me, I’m in this seat and I can’t walk. That was kind of playing on me a little bit,” McGregor said. “Then as the weeks have gone by and I’m getting better and stronger, my son and my children are seeing. My son is the older one. He can understand a bit more. My other two are still a bit too young. But (my son) can see the work I put in. He can see the rewards and I know that’s going to rub off well on him. He’s going to be able to see his father. He put the work in. You rise back to your feet.”

McGregor, who has voiced optimism in recent weeks, revealed the experience hasn’t been easy. The taxing situation took a toll on him mentally, but he still vows to push forward.

“I was upset for a little while,” McGregor said. “It’s not been easy. There’s been a few ups and downs on this. It’s probably one of the wildest things that’s ever happened to me. It’s not been full smooth sailing but I got through it. I’ve had my family and my close team by my side. We’re getting there. It’s still a long way. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. I feel like I can kick now. I’m not advised to kick yet but I’m going to get back, man. You think a broken leg (or) a broken bone is going to stop me? Think again.”

The 33-year-old Irish fighter has lost back-to-back fights – both against Poirier. While there is no timeline for his return, McGregor has expressed interest in a fourth fight against Poirier when he’s able to.

Source: USA Today

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