Taiwan claims China has Entered the air Defense Zone for the Third day in a row

More than a dozen Chinese fighter jets, four bombers, and one observation craft intruded into Taiwan’s air defense zone, according to the Taiwanese air force.

Taiwan retaliated on Sunday by tracking the object with land-based missiles, scrambling fighter jets, and blasting radio warnings in response to the intrusion. According to Taiwan News, the Chinese air force despatched two or more aircraft to the zone for the third day in a row on Sunday.

The Taiwanese military is concerned that the fleet will include electronic warfare planes.

Taiwan has been considered a renegade province by China, whereas Taipei considers itself a sovereign state. Taipei has been protesting periodic Chinese air force missions near the island for more than a year.

Taiwan has declared the zone, although it is still international airspace. Outside of a country’s national airspace, an air defense identification zone is where foreign aircraft are detected, tracked, and controlled.

China has been silent.

Source: UPI

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