With a Thundering Rendition of ‘Enter Sandman’ Lane Stadium Welcomes the Hokies

When the Virginia Tech football squad entered Lane Stadium on Friday to “Enter Sandman,” college football felt more “back” than it had in a long time.

Virginia Tech has one of the most impressive entrances in college football, and they haven’t had the opportunity to show it off in far too long.

The revival of “Enter Sandman” felt like the official return of college football when they launched their season against North Carolina on Friday.

“Enter Sandman” and the cheers of the Virginia Tech crowd are audible even from within an allegedly hermetically sealed press box.

With “Enter Sandman,” Virginia Tech reintroduced college football magic.
Following a season that was markedly different in 2020, the 2021 campaign has an all-or-nothing aspect to it. Minnesota smacked Ohio State in the mouth with an ultimately unsuccessful upset bid on Thursday night, courtesy to the ferocity of their home fans.

With a loud crowd at Lane Stadium cheering them on, the Hokies have an opportunity to do the same to the No. 10 Tar Heels on Friday.

Whatever happens, everyone will be able to enjoy “Enter Sandman” once more, which is wonderful.

Source: MSN Sports

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