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149 Dead, Hundreds Ceased in Myanmar Turmoil: UN

Since Feb 1, the UN declared on Tuesday (Mar 16) the ongoing killings in Myanmar that arrested demonstrators had faced torture and had gone hundreds.

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SANEF Opposes The Shooting Of Wits Student Journalists By The SAPS

Johannesburg, South Africa – Sanef, the South African National Editors’ Group, has denounced police for shooting two student journalists during Wednesday’s clashes with Wits University

Africa World News

After Wits Riots, A Man Was Killed And Five Students Were Arrested

Johannesburg, South Africa – On Wednesday, a man was killed and five students were detained in Johannesburg after police clashed with Wits College students. Hundreds

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The Collen Mashawana Foundation Will Help The Colville Family Construct New Homes

On Wednesday, representatives from the Collen Mashawana Foundation and AfriBiz Investments paid a visit to the Colville family, who are living in extremely overcrowded conditions

Africa World News

Nafiz Modack Tells A Peculiar Story About The Hawks Trying To Extort R1 Million From Suspected Gang Boss ‘Donkie’ Booysen

Cape Town (South Africa) – Nafiz Modack, a controversial businessman and suspected underworld kingpin, has filed criminal charges against the Hawks, alleging that they attempted

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Three Municipalities In The Western Cape Are Being Investigated By Hawks

Cape Town (South Africa) – The Hawks are investigating allegations of corruption in three of the Western Cape’s 30 municipalities – Bitou, George, and the

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I Was Ordered To Flee By The Police, But They Shot Me Twice – Wits Student Journalist

‘Baleka, run!’ exclaims the crowd in Johannesburg. Before striking a Wits student journalist with a rubber bullet, a police officer told her this. The student

Africa World News

‘Once Again, The Brutality Of The Police Has Resulted In The Death Of An Unarmed Black Man In The Streets

Pretoria is the capital of South Africa. The killing of a man, allegedly by the SAPS, during the ongoing battles between protesting Wits University students

Africa World News

Wits Demonstrations Are Focused On Financial Exclusion Due To Historical Debt

Wits University students also voted to close the institution after nearly 6 000 students became financially disadvantaged due to historical debt. A party of 50

Africa World News

On The Cape Flats, A Complaint Has Been Filed About Faulty And Sub-par Staircases

The Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) has filed a formal complaint alleging incompetence and misuse of public funds in deprived communities on the Cape Flats, citing