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Massive Mudslide Southwest of Tokyo, Two People are Believed to be Dead and 20 Others Missing

Two people are believed to be dead, while approximately 20 others are still missing, after severe rain prompted a major mudslide southwest of Tokyo on

Active Covid-19 Singapore Clusters

13 Active Covid-19 Singapore Clusters, Including One New From The Marine Parade Enrichment Center

SINGAPORE –After classes by an Infected Teacher at Learning Point, an enrichment center in Parkway Centre, five elementary school pupils tested positive for the virus.

Singaporean People Shelve Plans

The Singaporean People Shelve Plans For New Covid-19 Measures From Stays To Hari Raya Celebrations

One month ago, planning for a holiday can only be the worst nightmare to be canceled at the last minute. That’s exactly what happened to

Different New Covid-19

How Different Are The New Covid-19 Measures Beginning On May 16

In Singapore, social media have been slapped off by announcing the further tightening of the Covid-19 Regulations on Friday 14 May. While this Phase 2

Cost E-scooter Obligatory

The Cost Of An E-scooter Obligatory Test Will Begin At $5.

The Land Transport Authority announced that the compulsory e-scooter and power-supported bicycle test will now cost everyone who wants to take the test before the

Porsche Destination Charging

Porsche Destination Charging At Sentosa Golf Club Now Available

At Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore, five new electric car charging points were installed. The charging points for the lifestyle destinations form part of a

No Dining And Social Gatherings

From May 16 There Will Be No Dining In And Social Gatherings Will Be Limited To Two Persons

SINGAPORE -People may not dine until June 13 in groups of two until Singapore is prohibited by tightened restrictions on Singapore-19 to stamp the spread

Crave Nasi Lemak

‘I Almost Died Eating This’: In The Crave Nasi Lemak Woman Finds Rusty Nail

We all know that we can only make a good first impression with one chance. Elston Ng shared her unfortunate nasi-lemak experience in Crave Nasi

Covid-19 Rules Tightened

After The Covid-19 Rules Tightened Long Queues Outside Supermarkets

SINGAPORE –After the multi-ministers task force Covid-19 announced stricter policies beginning Sunday, long queues formed at supermarkets on Islandwide Friday (May 14), while people store

Singapore Marks Stop Asian Hate

The Beauty Queen From Singapore Marks Her With The Declaration On ‘Stop Asian Hate’

MANILA -In the beauty pageant of Singapore, the contestant for the Miss Universe, used the national costume segment to call for an end to racial