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Australia Olympics Sports

Matt Wearn of Australia wins Gold in the Men’s One-Person Dinghy – Laser

Despite coming second in the medal race, sailor Matt Wearn wins the men’s laser sailing event, giving Australia its third consecutive Olympic gold. At the

Pause on flights from COVID-hit India

Flights From Affected India Have Heen Halted, Causing Concern Among Stranded Australians and Their Families

Annie Jetty has been trapped in southern India for nine months, trying to get home to Australia, and the government’s decision to suspend flights out

electric cars
Australia Science

Australians Want to Purchase Electric Vehicles, but Automakers Believe Government Policies are Preventing Them From Doing so

According to surveys, Australians want to purchase electric vehicles (EVs), but they account for less than 1% of new car sales. What really is going

700-year history of the musical alarm clock

The Musical Alarm Clock has a 700-Year Tradition

Do you have a morning alarm that plays a song to wake you up? Maybe some relaxing chimes or a funky synth beat? You may

COVID-19 cost more in 2020

COVID-19 Would Cost More in 2020 Than all of the World’s Natural Disasters Combined in the Previous 20 Years

What have we suffered as a result of the pandemic? According to our estimates, many of the worst-affected countries and areas are largely ignored by


The Brisbane Lockdown was Caused by two Clusters From one Hospital

Queensland’s coronavirus outbreak has split into two outbreaks, each of which started at different times from the same hospital. Though new cases have only recently


Seven men are on Trial for Allegedly Importing a Large Amount of Methamphetamine off the Coast of Geraldton

Seven men are on trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, accused of being involved in the $160 million importation of 1.2 tonnes of


Residents in Greater Brisbane are Being Warned That Attempting to Escape the Lockdown Ahead of the Easter Holiday Season

If residents of Greater Brisbane attempt to travel out of the area to Easter holiday destinations before the COVID-19 lockout time ends on Thursday afternoon,


During NSW Question Time, Nationals MP Michael Johnsen Exchanged Lewd Messages With a sex Worker

According to an ABC report, NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen offered a sex worker $1,000 to attend state Parliament for sex and then sent her


As a Result of Partygoers Testing Positive From a Brisbane Cluster, Byron Bay is Concerned About a COVID-19 Outbreak

Residents and visitors to Byron Bay are on high alert as they wait to learn if COVID-19 has been transmitted in the city on New