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Cryptocurrency Technology

The ‘King of NFTs’ is Sweeping the Crypto Rankings — Here’s why

According to a blockchain specializing in NFTs, a number of high-profile releases have helped daily active wallet numbers surpass Ethereum and Flow. The “king of

Cryptocurrency Technology

BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, XRP, ADA, DOT, BCH, LTC, LINK: 5/10 Price Analysis

Ethereum’s growing dominance has kept traders focused on altcoins, but Bitcoin’s inability to maintain a price above $59,000 could send the entire market crashing. The

Cryptocurrency Technology

Rari Capital has set Aside $26 Million From its Developer Fund to Compensate Hack Victims

Up to $26 million in Rari’s governance token may be distributed to users affected by a hack that drained $10 million from the protocol over

Cryptocurrency Technology

Grayscale and Investors Face a Unique Challenge as a Result of the GBTC Discount

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust continues to trade at a discount to BTC, posing a unique challenge to Grayscale and investors. Image Source: Cointelegraph Since 2013,

Cryptocurrency Technology

The Price of 1INCH has Reached a new High as the top DEX Aggregator Competes for DeFi Dominance

A series of protocol upgrades and new liquidity integrations demonstrate that 1INCH intends to expand its DeFi and DEX aggregator market share. Image Source: Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrency Technology

Easyfi Announces a Community Compensation Plan in Response to the Price Drop Caused by the Hack

For cheated investors, stablecoins, IOU tokens, and future incentive programs are on the way. Following a devastating hack, a cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol announced

Cryptocurrency Technology

An Executive From ConsenSys has Joined CoinFund to Help Early-stage Blockchain Companies

“My team will serve as partners who support and guide founders and their teams during their journeys from early-stage to growth-at-scale,” said Vanessa Grellet. Vanessa

Cryptocurrency Technology

IDEX’s ‘Hybrid Liquidity Pool’ Aims to Address Some of DeFi’s Most Pressing Issues

DeFi’s meteoric rise has not been without setbacks, as the nascent industry continues to grapple with high costs, failed trades, and front-running. Image Source: Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrency Technology

Shanghai Man: VeChain on TV, DOGE changes the volume of BTC, Hotbit hack, and more…

DOGE leads in volume and search hits, VeChain’s blockchain solution on the state-run CGTN, and HOO launches its own smart chain. This weekly roundup of

Cryptocurrency Technology

Square’s Earnings Exceeded Expectations by 2.5 Times, and Bitcoin Revenue Increased by 1000 Percent in a Year

Square’s quarterly earnings more than doubled expectations, thanks to Bitcoin’s dramatic rally. Image Source: Cointelegraph Square Inc, a financial services firm based in the United