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Russian Diplomats With Handcars From North Korea Push Their way Home

In the midst of Pyongyang’s strict anti-coronavirus measures, which include banning most types of passenger transportation across the border, a group of Russian diplomats and

World News

Sir Michael Somare, Papua new Guinea’s First Prime Minister, Died at the age of 84.

The first prime minister of Papua New Guinea, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, has died at the age of 84. Sir Michael Somare, known as

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Endangered Animals Protected by new Fefuge on Kangaroo Island

On Kangaroo Island, a wildlife refuge to protect some of Australia’s most endangered animals has opened. The Western River Refuge covers nearly 370 hectares and

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Tiger Woods had no Crash Memory, a Data Recorder Retrieved From the car

Champion golfer Tiger Wood, Los Angeles police officers say, had no recollection of his accident and was not aware of how badly he had been

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Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Fuzzy Reveals From her own Eyes the Rise of the Teen Artist to Fame.

It is one of the peculiar paradoxes of contemporary pop stardom: social media provides viewers with access to the kind of personal information of the

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The Study Says That Lyrebirds Will Imitate the Sound of ‘Bullying’ Flock of Birds to Trick Women Into Mating.

Are the male lyrebirds lying about having that girl? It looks like, say the researchers, they could be. Lyrebirds are renowned for their imitation, but


Western Queensland Wool Country is Still Struggling to get Wool Back From the Industry Collapse 30 Years on.

Thirty years ago, the wool industry in Australia was on the verge of catastrophe. In the mid 1980s, overconfidence in the industry saw the reserve


Rapper’s Fiancee Killed With Samurai Sword Unleashes on Sydney Courtroom Suspects

After breaking into someone’s house, the fiancee of a Sydney man who was killed unleashed his assailant in court, alleging he had “villainized” her former


The Court Case of Melissa Caddick Must go Ahead Despite the Death of the Suspected Fraudster, ASIC Says.

The financial regulator of Australia says that a looming Federal Court hearing into the company of Melissa Caddick should proceed “as a priority,” just hours

World News

As Top End Flooding Continues, Hundreds Have Evacuated From Jilkminggan

Flooding has cut off access to Jilkminggan, south of Katherine, an Aboriginal community, triggering an operation to evacuate people. When rapidly rising waters engulfed the