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Business Economy

Stocks end Mixed as S&P 500 Retreats From Record High; Dow Drops 324 Points, or 0.9%

Investors weighed concerns about the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic against optimism about rebounding corporate earnings as stocks dropped below record highs on Wednesday.


Uber’s Second-Quarter Earnings Exceeded Estimates, but its EBITDA Loss was More Than Planned

Uber (UBER) disclosed results for the second quarter of 2021 after the market closed on Wednesday, exceeding analyst estimates on gross bookings. However, the company’s

Business Cryptocurrency

What Exactly is Bitcoin? The World’s First Cryptocurrency: A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin (BTC-USD), the world’s first digital currency, has been a hot issue in financial circles for at least the last few years and probably doesn’t

Business Health

Why, in the Midst of the Delta Surge, Minorities may Become Collateral Damage in NYC’s Vaccine Policy

As the Delta form of COVID-19 drives up cases globally, New York City issued a new proof of vaccination requirement for residents, visitors, and workers


GM has a ‘Optimistic Growth Strategy’ Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog

General Motors (GM) shares fell more than 9% on Wednesday after the company reported second-quarter earnings that fell short of expectations. GM, like many other


Live Updates on the Stock Market: Futures for Stocks are Trending Higher Ahead of Jobless Claims and Earnings

Investors awaited further results and data on the labor market’s rebound as stock futures opened marginally higher Wednesday evening. S&P 500 futures traded a smidgeon


Banks in Singapore have Increased Dividends as a Result of Improved Profits and a More pPsitive Outlook

Just a week after the central bank eased dividend restrictions, Singapore banks will reward investors with bigger payouts from better-than-expected results, signaling a nascent comeback

Business Economy World News

Uber’s Losses are Growing as the Company’s Incentives to Attract Drivers eat Into its Profits

Uber Technologies, the ride-hailing and food-delivery company, revealed wider losses in the second quarter, despite the fact that users returned in greater numbers to its


Banks Ranging From HSBC to Citi Ignore China’s Risks in Favor of Hong Kong

Growing geopolitical tensions and canceled initial public offerings haven’t deterred Western banks’ interest in Hong Kong and China. Bill Winters, the CEO of Standard Chartered


Tencent’s CEO Loses More Money in the Crackdown Than Jack Ma

Even China’s most compliant billionaires aren’t immune to the regulatory bombardment that is sweeping the world’s second-largest economy. Pony Ma, the mild-mannered boss of Tencent