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Returning False Grass
Climate Change

Turf War:Returning Of False Grass To The Council Of Harrogate

Extinction Rebellion has returned the plastic grass from Cambridge Street’s lifted bed to the council. A protest on Tuesday, the controversial plastic grass was removed

Bitcoin Purchases Elon Musk's
Climate Change

Bitcoin Purchases Of Elon Musk’s Tesla Suspend Environmental Concerns

The Carbon footprint of Bitcoin is identical to that of Egypt. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, said that yesterday afternoon the company will suspend

Blackout Fears Exploit
Climate Change

Outs And Outrages: The Blackout Fears Exploit The Fossil Fuel Industry

We can expect more power outages in a hotter world—both because of increasing demand and climate-driven catastrophes. The question is how can vulnerable people be

Citu Design Houses Designed
Climate Change

Citu Design Houses Designed To Address “Twin Climate Change Crises” And Covid 19

Leading sustainable developer, Citu has unveiled and is now beginning to work on its next sustainable “live-work” company, which is adding to the growing home

Climate Crisis Not Prevented
Climate Change

Why The Climate Crisis Is Not Prevented By Carbon Pricing And Electric Vehicles

The Biden administration recently announced its hope to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050 to help preserve world temperatures not above 1.5°C above pre-industrial

Power People Demanding Climate Action
Climate Change

The Power Of People Demanding Climate Action Is Reflected In Changes To Default Kiwisaver Standards

350 Aotearoa, a climate justice organization, applauds the government’s announcement today that default Kiwisaver funds will no longer be invested in fossil fuels. As a

Port Nelson Pledged Reduce
Climate Change

Port Nelson Has Pledged To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint By Setting Science-based Emission Reduction Goals

Port Nelson Limited (PNL) has pledged more than 40 percent in the next 14 years to cut its carbon footprint. This reduction is part of

Parliamentary Image
Climate Change

A Parliamentary Image Can Often Be Worth A Thousand Words

On the lawn outside Parliament House, Senator Malcolm Roberts waving his arms and debating the matter of climate change furiously, with a gentleman sprinkled over

Australia No Major Climate Plan
Climate Change

Australia Has No Major Climate Plan Alone, Says The UK Expert

A leading climate official in the UK says that Australia is the only country in which both its national government and opposition have no significant

Image Source: The Conversation
Climate Change

Getting Ready For Climate Change Let Us Use Our Thoughts

Measures in this week’s federal budget are very important, after years of cuts in this policy field, to help Australians withstand and adapt to the