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Erika Jayne Snaps At Garcelle Beauvais After she Shares a Secret About tom on ‘RHOBH’

Yikes! During the August 4 episode of ‘RHOBH,’ Erika Jayne went off on Garcelle Beauvais. Throughout the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly

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Nothing to See in the New Year? Watch these Series on Netflix!

Although it was a horrible year this 2020, there were things that we can be proud of and remember with some affection. After all, with the

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See Cobra Kai on Netflix? There is Content for 2 More Seasons

With only three seasons available on Netflix, but with the certainty that a fourth is already underway. (Since it is already in the process of recording.)

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Controversy in Vikings! Creator Wanted to “Kill” Main Character

Since 2013, the date on which the first season of Vikings was released, the series has really been a huge success in practically the whole

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“The Crown” Series has been Canceled by Netflix! But Why?

Netflix has in its catalog some of the best and most popular series today. Being considered by many users as an authentic endless pool of multimedia

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Vikings Will Continue on Netflix after the Sixth Season!

Vikings is undoubtedly one of the best known series in the world. Since it is added to a series of Streaming platforms, also passing through television. Which

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Netflix Highly Criticized! Made a Tweet that Shouldn’t,

Twitter is usually used by people who want to vent a little about their life or simply give their opinion on certain issues. However, sometimes there

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Still Waiting for Stranger Things? So Wait Seated.

Although 2020 is finally over and New Year’s Eve has given everyone a little hope that everything will get better, it seems that 2021 does

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WandaVision: A Fantastic Series for those who know how to Watch TV!

Discussions about WandaVision on the Internet are usually lively. While some understand the essence of the series and what it wants to show us, others point

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Breaking Bad and Supernatural: Netflix can have Both in One!

From time to time, new series are coming to Netflix that intend to guarantee the same success that many others have already obtained. And as such,