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Covid’s ‘Devil’ Mutation Spreads Faster In California Than Others

The Californian variant of coronavirus, dubbed ‘the devil’ by scientists, is more dangerous than others, studies show.  Researchers have said the strain, which most likely

Within Glo Worm Doll, US Parents Discover 5,000 Suspected Fentanyl Pills

Opioids aren’t something to toy around with, but a Phoenix couple managed to find what police believe are 5,000 Fentanyl pills inside a Glo Worm

Incredible ‘Front-Row Seat’ Footage Of Mars Landing, Nasa’s Perseverance Rover Releases

Nasa has unveiled a stunning, first-of-a-kind video showing its latest rover descending by parachute onto the surface of Mars. The three-and-a-half minute clip shows the

After He Labels Her A Moron For Doubting Electoral fraud, US Capitol Suspect’s Ex Turns

A Donald Trump supporter charged with allegedly breaching the Capitol during last month’s insurrection was turned in by his ex-girlfriend after federal officials say he texted that she was

Brit Jailed For Breaking Singapore Quarantine Rules To Sneak Into Fiancée’s Hotel Room

A British man has been jailed for two weeks in Singapore after he broke quarantine by sneaking out of his hotel room to meet his

Fresh Prime Minister in Libya to Unveil the Transitional Government

On Thursday, Libya’s Prime Minister-designate, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, is expected to appoint a transitional government to unify the war-torn nation and lead it to the

The Police Chief Says that US Intel did not Warn of the Capitol Riot Scale

When the Capitol was targeted by supporters of former President Donald Trump, the United States Capitol Police were aware of the threat of aggression by

Questions Asked About the Outage of the US Fed as Services are Restored

Federal Reserve networks that carry out millions of financial transactions a day, from payroll to tax refunds to interbank transfers, were interrupted for about four

From his Nationalist History, Has Alexey Navalny moved on?

Alexey Navalny became the undisputed representative of anti-Kremlin political movements and everyone opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, mainly because of the Kremlin halls of

No more ‘Anarchist jurisdictions’: Biden Revokes the Order of Trump

“On Wednesday, President Joe Biden officially revoked his predecessor’s series of presidential orders, including one that aimed to cut funding from many cities in the

World News

Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan’s Capital Have Increased, Says The US Watchdog

In the Afghan capital of Kabul, Taliban attacks are on the increase, with growing targeted killings of government officials, civil society leaders and journalists, according



French Actor Gérard Depardieu Has Been Officially Charged For Rape

The Paris prosecutor’s office has announced that French actor Gérard Depardieu was put under formal investigation for rape in December.

Greek Student Stabbed in Northern Italy by her Albanian Ex-partner

Her ex-partner had committed a vicious assault on a 20-year-old Greek student in the northern Italian city of Turin. Jetmir

Oath Keepers Suspects Charged in Capitol Riot Plot

Prosecutors say they were part of a military-style “stack” that stormed the Capitol. The Justice Department filed charges on Friday

Charged Dog Walker After Boy 10 Trampled in Deer Stampede

After a dog caused an unusual stampede of deer that injured a boy in South West London, a man was



Snow Blankets Cause Traffic Chaos in Athens

On Monday night, a dense layer of snow covered Athens, causing chaos in the Greek capital. Most roads are blocked

The Snowfall Will Continue Until Wednesday Morning in the Attica,

The heavy snowfall reported in the regions of Attica, Evia, Cyclades and Crete from Monday night, which has caused traffic

The Norwegian Ambassador Demonstrates his Ability to ski in Snowy

In different regions, including three deaths and power outages, Medea may have spread through the country causing several problems, but

The Armed Forces are Defying bad Weather: Breathtaking Pictures of

The armed forces, warships and tanks are not stopped by snow, bad weather and adverse conditions from maintaining their fighting