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In The Park, A Starving Dog So Small That He Could Not Stand or Walk is Found

Heartbreaking pictures reveal the plight of an abandoned dog found so severely malnourished he could barely stand or walk. The poor animal was discovered by


Briton Jailed for Violating the Strict Quarantine Laws of Singapore

After sneaking out of his hotel room to visit his then fiancée while serving two weeks of compulsory coronavirus quarantine in the city-state, a Singapore

Climate Change

Sales Of Electric Vehicles Require ‘Major Acceleration’ To Meet The 2030 Goal

If the government is to meet its goal for all new vehicles to emit zero carbon by 2035, the National Audit Office warns, electric car


Hopeful but Suspicious Kashmir Villagers After India and Pakistan Agree to Stop the Fire

Villagers living on both sides of the Control Line separating Kashmir’s Himalayan area welcomed an agreement between India and Pakistan, long-time rivals, to stop shelling


Planning Tax Attack On Affluent Pensioners By Rishi Sunak To Help Pay Off Debt From Covid

Thousands of wealthy pensioners could be hit with a ‘stealth tax’ under Rishi Sunak’s plans to start plugging holes in the nation’s finances. The Chancellor


With Covid, Another 345 Individuals Die As Cases Leap By 8,523

Another 345 people have died with Covid, bringing the official UK death toll to 122,415. A total of 8,523 cases have been recorded in the


Hope For Holidays To Be In Place For Summer As Covid Vaccine Passports

There is hope summer holidays could go ahead as EU leaders have agreed coronavirus vaccine passports are required. A virtual EU summit took place yesterday,


Cases of Covid Fell Across England By Nearly A Quarter In A Week

The number of people with coronavirus in England has fallen by 22% in only a week, according to the Office for National Statistics. In the


Cautious about the Global Economy, Japan Urges Support for Poor Nations

Because of confusion about coronavirus vaccines and variants, the global economy warrants caution, while Japan’s economy shows signs of recovery with low infections, Japanese Finance

Climate Change

To Create The Eu’s Proposed Digital Twin Of Earth, We Need A 20 Mw 20,000 Gpu Machine-learning Supercomputer

In order to combat climate change and environmental hazards, computational scientists seeking to create computer replicas of Earth expect a 20 MW supercomputer with 20,000