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Australia Science

Our Dreams of ‘Tree-Change’ and ‘Sea-Change’ are Under Threat as Researchers Warn of Building Houses in ‘Risky areas’

Researchers say we can not continue rebuilding in “at risk” areas in the aftermath of out-of-control bushfires once again devastating parts of Australia, this time


A Mountain Lizard Broke the Reptilian Altitude Record in Peru

Way up in the Peruvian Andes, the title of the world’s highest altitude reptile was taken by a lizard. The lizard was found to be


Watch the Actual Video of Perseverance’s Landing on Mars

On February 18, NASA’s Perseverance rover captured this video as a jetpack lowered it to the surface of the Red Planet. “Every time I see


A Survey Shows That Many Britons Do Not Know Which Species Are at Risk of Extinction

A research has suggested that the British public remains unclear about which members of the animal kingdom are flourishing or near extinction, with nine in


The FDA Will Review the Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson’s

In a late stage trial, Johnson & Johnson said its COVID vaccine candidate was 72 percent successful. In the United States, a third vaccine is


10 Lawsuits Question the Conduct of the Health Minister During the Fight Against a Pandemic

Prosecutors are probing vaccine failures and the supply of chloroquine. The job of Minister of Health General Eduardo Pazuello to combat the Covid-19 pandemic is


Incomplete Yet Grim Picture of the Biological Evaluation of the World’s Rivers

A biological assessment of the world’s rivers was undertaken by an international team of scientists, including two from Oregon State University, and the minimal evidence


Fresh Insights Into Plaque Erosion as an Acute Coronary Syndrome Process

Acute coronary syndromes (ACS) accounted for an estimated 1 million hospitalizations in 2016 in the US.1 Pathology studies have described 2 major mechanisms in ACS:


Nils Carlson Has Received An Excellent ODNI Service Award

The citation states that, in order to advise ODNI on appropriate resource methods and mitigation steps, Carlson successfully leveraged his professional knowledge of Intelligence Community


The Unknown Variable For Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial

Active placebos, such as atropine, for example, can be used in antidepressant studies where the drugs under review may cause noticeable harm and the risk