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Kendall Jenner
Celebrities Social Media

Scott Disick is Impressed by Kendall Jenner’s Perky Street Walk

Kendall Jenner has inspired a man who knows his models with her flawless, perky street walk. The 25-year-old supermodel updated her Instagram this week with

Jessica Simpson
Celebrities Social Media

Jessica Simpson was Chastised for her Bravery on Horseback as a Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson couldn’t hold the haters at bay as she confronted and overcame one of her greatest fears this week. The 40-year-old actress, musician, and

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee
Celebrities Social Media

Mackenzie McKee ‘Teen Mom’ Disables Comments on Controversial Bikini Gymnastics

Mackenzie McKee is treading cautiously as she posts beach gymnastics footage that may or may not have elicited negative feedback. The 25-year-old Teen Mom OG

Facebook Fake Goods
Social Media

Facebook Files a New Lawsuit Against the Sale of Fake Goods on Its Platforms

Facebook has taken new legal action in conjunction with Gucci to combat the sale of counterfeit goods on its platforms, marking a significant step forward

TikTok Transparency Accountability
Social Media

TikTok Launches a New ‘Transparency and Accountability Center’ in Europe

TikTok has announced plans to open a new Transparency and Accountability Center in Europe, based in Ireland, in response to a number of ongoing controversies

Messenger New Initiative
Social Media

Messenger Debuts a New Initiative to Honor the Work of Influential Educators and Teachers

As part of National Teacher Appreciation Day, which is on May 4th, Facebook Messenger has launched a new initiative to honor teachers’ efforts. As Facebook

Apple iOS 14.5
Social Media

Apple has Released iOS 14.5 Which Includes New App Tracking Permissions

Today is the day for digital marketers. Apple has officially released iOS 14.5, which includes new phone unlock options for people who wear face masks,

Facebook Spotify Integration
Social Media

Facebook and Spotify Have Announced a New Integration That Allows Users to Listen to Music and Podcasts In-Stream

Facebook has announced an expansion of its partnership with Spotify, allowing users to share and listen to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes without having

Instagram Provides Update
Social Media

Instagram Provides an Update on Its Efforts to Remove Systemic Bias From the Platform

Instagram has provided an update on the progress of its new Equity Team, which was established in the aftermath of last year’s #BlackLivesMatter protests in

Twitter New Prompts
Social Media

Twitter New Prompts Announced to Aid COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

With a new set of in-feed notifications set to go out to all users this week, Twitter has announced a new push to help maximize