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Brazil Suspends AstraZeneca Walltrace

Brazil Suspends AstraZeneca Shots for Pregnant Women After A Death

Brazil’s health regulator has advised officials to stop giving AstraZeneca Plc’s Covid-19 shots to pregnant women while authorities investigate the confirmed death of a woman

Second Dose Immunization

Second Dose Immunization Drive Bangladesh Uncertainty

The authorities delayed the second dose of MM Islam, a resident of Mohakhali, because sometime after injection of the first dose, COVID-19 contracted. Now that

Tamil Nadu and Kerala Combating the COVID Outbreak Walltrace
World News

How the Indian States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are Combating the COVID Outbreak

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Rajendran Dilip waits for his 53-year-old father Rajendran, who was brought in an ambulance a few hours ago, outside Chennai’s dedicated

Ministry Calls Social Distance

Ministry Calls For Social Distance Protection In Hospitals

In order to ensure a safe distance between patients to avoid cross-infection, the health ministry has requested ministry hospitals, university hospitals and key physical facilities.The

Pfizer Now Available to Children Walltrace
World News

The COVID Vaccine from Pfizer is Now Available to Children as Young as 12 Years Old in the United States

Coronavirus vaccinations will be available to more children in the United States after regulators extended the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to children as young

Africa Concerned about India's COVID War Walltrace
World News

Africa is Concerned about India’s COVID War

Africa is watching with bated breath as India battles coronavirus, fearful of a long-term shortage of Indian-made vaccines needed to protect its population. India, nicknamed

COVID-19 Lockdowns Easing in Europe Walltrace
World News

COVID-19 Lockdowns are Easing in Europe as Vaccination Campaigns Gain Traction

In some parts of Europe, schools, shops, and beaches have reopened as the continent emerges from months of COVID-19 lockdowns, despite continuing mass vaccination campaigns

Myanmar Ethnic Groups Move In Walltrace
World News

As Myanmar’s COVID Response Crumbles, Ethnic Groups Move In

As Myanmar’s national COVID-19 response crumbles in the aftermath of a February 1 military coup, one ethnic armed organization in the country’s north has secretly

Norway Exempt J&J and AstraZeneca Walltrace
World News

Panel Recommends that Norway Exempt J&J and AstraZeneca from the Vaccine Scheme

Norway should remove AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccines from its immunization program due to a chance of unusual but adverse side effects, according

China's Sinopharm Vaccine Walltrace
World News

A WHO Panel has Approved the use of China’s Sinopharm Vaccine in an Emergency Situation

The World Health Organization granted emergency use authorization to a COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinopharm of China on Friday, potentially paving the way for millions