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Indian Staff Lawsuit Walltrace

Indian Staff Who Designed A Hindu Temple in the United States has Filed a Lawsuit Alleging Harassment

According to a lawsuit, hundreds of marginalized Indian workers were hired to create an enormous Hindu temple in New Jersey, where they were forced to

Offshore Wind Farm Walltrace
World News

Federal Approval has been granted for the First Large-scale Offshore Wind Farm in the United States

On Tuesday, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced final federal approval for an ambitious, first-of-its-kind offshore wind energy project that would generate enough

Federal Judge Against National Rifle Association Walltrace
World News

A Federal Judge in the United States Rules Against the National Rifle Association and Dismisses the Bankruptcy Motion

A federal judge in Dallas has ruled that the National Rifle Association (NRA) cannot use bankruptcy to reorganize in gun-friendly Texas, handing a blow to

Elon Musk Asks if Dogecoin should be Accepted by Tesla Walltrace

Elon Musk Asks his Twitter Followers if Dogecoin should be Accepted by Tesla

The “Dogefather” is placing one of crypto’s hottest digital coins front and center on his Twitter page once again. Elon Musk asked his 53.9 million

Hurtigruten Norway Reduce Emissions
Climate Change

Hurtigruten Norway Will Reduce Emissions By 25%

Hurtigruten Norway has announced that all seven of its Coastal Express ships will be upgraded with greener technology by 2023, resulting in a 25 percent

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra goes on sale in the UK
Mobile Gadgets Technology

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Along with the Mi 11 Lite 5G and Mi 11 Special Edition, Goes on Sale in the UK

The Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi’s highest-end and most luxurious mainstream smartphone to date, was supposed to arrive in Europe on May 11, but it arrived

Iron Ore Prices Skyrocket Walltrace

As Metals Prices Rise, Iron Ore Prices Skyrocket

As investors bet on the economy’s recovery, a new frenzy has gripped the markets. Metals are in high demand all over the world. What’s going

Investors Exposed Threats Walltrace

Investors have been Exposed to Certain Significant Threats that have been Hidden in Plain Sight

What do overstressed supply chains, rising costs, and a ransomware assault on the Colonial Pipeline all have in common? They are all the result of

US Attorneys General Coalition urges Facebook not to launch “Instagram for Kids”
Mobile Gadgets Technology

Facebook is Being Urged not to Introduce “Instagram for Kids” by the US Attorneys General Coalition

Buzzfeed first reported in March that the organization was discussing developing a “Instagram for Kids” app that would enable children under the age of 13

Melinda Gates Concentrate Multibillion-Dollar Fortune Walltrace

After her Divorce, Melinda Gates will Concentrate her Multibillion-Dollar Fortune in this Region

New York is a city in the United States (CNN Business) Bill and Melinda Gates were one of the world’s wealthiest and most philanthropic families.