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First Private Astronaut Flight Walltrace

Next Year will See the Launch of the First Private Astronaut Flight to the International Space Station

NASA signed an agreement this week to launch the first all-private astronaut trip to the International Space Station, expanding opportunities for private people to go

Petrol Shortages US Walltrace

Petrol Shortages Engulf the United States as the Colonial Pipeline Remains Closed

Motorists across a large swath of the United States’ East and South Coasts are struggling to find fuel and diesel as filling stations run dry

US Lebanese Men Hezbollah Walltrace
World News

The United States has Sanctioned Seven Lebanese Men Linked to Hezbollah

The US Treasury Department has sanctioned seven Lebanese individuals associated with Hezbollah and its banking arm for illegally transferring $500 million on behalf of the

Job Openings United States Walltrace

Now Hiring: The number of Job Openings in the United States has Reached An All-time High of 8.1 Million

Employers in the United States reported a record number of open jobs in March, highlighting the urgency of companies seeking new employees as the world

Lebanon's Debts must be Paid Walltrace
World News

Lebanon’s Debts must be Paid or Electricity would be Shut off, According to A Turkish Company

Karadeniz, a Turkish company that supplies electricity to Lebanon through power barges, said on Tuesday that unless Beirut stops pursuing legal action to seize its

Canada Backs Proposal
Climate Change

Canada Backs A Proposal To Use Floating Wind To Power Oil And Gas Properties

Several ventures, including one that uses floating wind turbines to power oil and gas assets, have received funding from the Canadian government, which could help

Iron Ore Prices Skyrocket Walltrace

As Metals Prices Rise, Iron Ore Prices Skyrocket

As investors bet on the economy’s recovery, a new frenzy has gripped the markets. Metals are in high demand all over the world. What’s going

India Global Shortages Walltrace

The Covid-19 Disaster in India Can Exacerbate Global Shortages

A terrifying and unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak in India threatens to halt the country’s economic recovery and send shockwaves through many critical global industries. For weeks,

Investors Exposed Threats Walltrace

Investors have been Exposed to Certain Significant Threats that have been Hidden in Plain Sight

What do overstressed supply chains, rising costs, and a ransomware assault on the Colonial Pipeline all have in common? They are all the result of

China lowest Population Growth Walltrace

According to A Recent Census, China has Experienced its Slowest Population Growth in Decades

According to census data released on Tuesday, China’s population grew at its slowest pace in decades in the ten years leading up to 2020, a