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Malaysia Taps Vaccine

Malaysia Taps The Vaccine Fund For Oil-backed Trusts

Malaysia’s government adopted a new emergency law on Wednesday (April 21) allowing it to use funds from oil and gas donations to pay for vaccine

Called Silicon Valley Indonesia

It’s Called Silicon Valley In Indonesia But Has Algorithm Hill Done His Homework?

Work on a multibillion-dollar project known as Algorithm Hill, which will cover 888 hectares in West Java, appears to be starting on Indonesia’s long-held aspirations

Yellen Private Funds Climate Change Walltrace

Yellen: Private Funds are Also Needed to Combat Climate Change

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that private funding, not just government spending, would be needed to address climate change’s “existential danger.” According to one calculation,

India Down Oil Prices Walltrace

For the Second Day in a Row, India’s COVID Surge Pushes Down Oil Prices

Oil prices fell for a second day on fears that the COVID-19 cases in India would reduce fuel demand in the world’s third-largest oil importer.

LeDay Game-Winning Shot
Basketball Sports

At the Buzzer, Zach LeDay Hits the Game-Winning Shot, and Milano Steals Game 1

Bayern Munich appeared to be on their way to a convincing victory, but the Olimpia Milano team rallied and won in the final seconds, with

UN US Global Finance Industry Walltrace

Climate Envoys from the United Nations and the United States have Launched a Global Finance Industry Push

United Nations climate envoy Mark Carney and his American counterpart John Kerry have announced a new strategy to improve the financial system’s efforts to help

EU Climate Agreement Walltrace
World News

The EU has Reached an Ambitious Climate Agreement that has the Potential to Change the Economy

Legislators in the European Union reached a late-night agreement to make the bloc’s ambitious climate targets legally binding, opening the way for a flood of

Jazz vs Rockets NBA April 21
Basketball Sports

Clarkson Scores 22 Points As The Jazz Defeat The Rockets

Jordan Clarkson scored 22 points and Joe Ingles added 21 as the Utah Jazz defeated the Houston Rockets 112-89 on Wednesday night. Four of the

China Biden Online Climate Summit Walltrace
World News

China’s Xi will Join Biden At An Online Climate Summit

China’s President Xi Jinping will attend US President Joe Biden’s virtual climate summit this week, Beijing announced on Wednesday, as the world’s most polluting countries


Season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been leaked, and it Features the Return of the Titled Tower, Kevin the Cube, Robin and Wonder Women, and More.

When it comes to Pokemon GO and its GO Fight League, Muk can be a very bulky and dangerous opponent. Grimer spawned more often during