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One-third Students Collected Tracetogether

About One-third Of Students Collected Tracetogether Tokens

SINGAPORE -Approximately 130,000 students from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, and Millennia Institute have earned their TraceTogether tokens from education.In response to questions from

Oxygen tank spill Walltrace
World News

Oxygen Tank Spills at hospital in India, 22 Patients Dead

Officials said that twenty-two COVID-19 patients on ventilators died in a hospital in western India on Wednesday after their oxygen supply was cut off due

majority owner of UFC Walltrace
World News

In an Initial Public Offering, the majority owner of the UFC is targeting a Valuation of US$10 billion

In its initial public offering, the majority shareholder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is aiming for a valuation of US$10 billion ($12.9 billion). Endeavor

anti-Asian hate crime bill
North America

Anti-Asian Hate Crime Legislation is Passed by a Landslide in the Senate

The Senate passed an anti-Asian hate crimes bill by an overwhelming margin on Thursday, following a wave of violence sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sen.


N0tail, The World’s Wealthiest Esports Player, Tells his Tale.

Friends quickly become adversaries in the world of esports, where rosters are often shuffled. There are a few notable exceptions, such as Johan “N0tail” Sundstein.

Lockdown Difficulties India's Poor Walltrace
World News

Lockdown Policing Exacerbates Pandemic Difficulties for India’s Poor

Poor Indians are bearing the brunt of pandemic policing as the country struggles to control a deadly second wave of COVID-19 cases by enforcing tougher


All-time Top 5 Free Fire Emotes (updated)

In Free Fire, you can buy in-game emotes as well as other things like pets and characters. Emotes allow players to communicate with one another


In Free Fire, How Do You Get a Free Knockout Loot Box and The KO Night Champion Belt?

While Free Fire has a large number of appealing products, not all of them are free. To acquire them, players are normally expected to spend

RSF Expresses Concern Greece Walltrace
World News

RSF Expresses Concern about Greece’s Declining Press Freedom

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has expressed concern about press freedom in Greece as the media watchdog updates its World Press Freedom Index. Greece has dropped

Taxi Driver Woman Unable

A Taxi Driver Calls The Police On A Woman Who Claims She Is Unable To Pay Her $57.50 Fare

A cab driver had no option, but after a passenger said he had no money to pay his cab from Changi to Bukit Panjang, he