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The Competition Chief of Australia Declares Victory after Facebook’s Standoff

On Wednesday, the author of Australia’s laws requiring Google and Facebook to pay media companies for content claimed victory, while critics said last-minute amendments favored

Social Media

Following Pause After Capitol Siege, Google Lifts Political Ad Ban

While the debate rages over the impact of digital platforms on political movements, Google has begun to let advertisers know that it is lifting its

Mobile Gadgets Technology

Samsung: Galaxy Note is Coming to an End and this Might be a Replacement!

We have often spoken of the end of the eventual Galaxy Note range at Leak. This is because of the different information that has been

Electronics Software Application Technology

Google Assistant Engages with Apple TV for Chromecast

With its new novelty, the fashion gadget is at the mouth of the world again. So, only a few months after its presentation, last week,


Facebook to Lift a Aews Embargo on Australia

CANBERRA, Australia (AP)-Facebook reported Tuesday that after it struck an agreement with the government on draft legislation that would make digital giants pay for journalism,

Cryptocurrency Technology

Hedera is on its way to Africa as Standard Bank Group Becomes a Node Operator

Standard Bank Group—largest Africa’s asset bank—has collaborated with the Hedera Hashgraph enterprise-grade distributed ledger application project. According to a joint statement, the African banking giant


The Senate has Passed the Media Negotiating Code. This is What Happens now.

It’s always been something Google and Facebook have achieved without paying to use news material on their sites. There were always going to be fireworks


Huawei Unveils China Market’s Flagship Foldable Smartphone

BEIJING (AP)-Huawei unveiled a folding smartphone with an 8-inch (20-centimeter) large screen on Monday, struggling under U.S. sanctions, to show off its tech prowess, but

Australia Social Media

Why did Facebook Defy the Wishes of the Government When Google Buckled?

What’s the difference between Facebook and Google? One difference is that, faced with the possibility of government action to compel it to, Google more or

World News

In Talks to Go Public By Combination with DMY SPAC, IonQ

(Bloomberg) — IonQ is integrating with DMY Technology Group Inc. in advanced talks. III, establishing one of the first public quantum-computing firms, according to people