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Business Technology

Whatever Elon Musk And Cathie Wood Say, Bitcoin Is Worth It.

How to value it is a mystery that has long tarnished observers of bitcoin. Lately, whatever prominent individuals such as Elon Musk and star stock


Pakistani Military Personnel Punished by Taliban Figure’s Escape: spokesman

A number of Pakistani military personnel, an armed services spokesman said on Wednesday, have been penalized for negligence over the escape from custody of a


The Competition Chief of Australia Declares Victory after Facebook’s Standoff

On Wednesday, the author of Australia’s laws requiring Google and Facebook to pay media companies for content claimed victory, while critics said last-minute amendments favored

Social Media

Following Pause After Capitol Siege, Google Lifts Political Ad Ban

While the debate rages over the impact of digital platforms on political movements, Google has begun to let advertisers know that it is lifting its


Easterly Government Properties: 4Q Earnings Snapshot

In its fourth quarter, Easterly Government Properties Inc. (DEA) on Wednesday announced a key indicator of profitability. The findings exceeded Wall Street expectations. The Washington-based


Kuroda says BOJ Would look for ways to make it more Competitive to Buy ETFs

The Governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, said that the central bank is already flexibly buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but will, in a


The King of Malaysia says Parliament can Convene During an Emergency

King Al-Sultan Abdullah of Malaysia said parliament could convene during a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that could open the door for the


Malaysia Urged Considering the Court Order, the Deportation of Myanmar Detainees be Clarified

On Wednesday, many lawmakers and rights groups called on the government of Malaysia to clarify its deportation of more than 1,000 Myanmar nationals, amid a


Top Shareholder Toshiba Renews Call for AGM Vote Investigation

According to a letter dated Wednesday sent to other shareholders, Toshiba Corp’s top investor has renewed its call for an impartial inquiry into the company’s

World News

Saudi FM is Visiting Oman in the Middle of Mediation Reports in Yemen

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan arrived in Oman on Wednesday, in the midst of reports on mediation efforts to resolve the military conflict