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Ethiopian Elections Postponed Again Walltrace
World News

Ethiopian Elections have been Postponed yet again due to Security and Logistical Concerns

Ethiopia’s national election has been postponed once more after certain opposition parties declared they would not participate, and because no vote would be place in

Israel's Destruction of Gaza Offices is Vehemently Condemned Walltrace
World News

Israel’s Destruction of Gaza Offices is Vehemently Condemned by Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera strongly condemns the Israeli military’s shelling and damage of its Gaza offices, which it sees as a clear attempt to prevent journalists from

Foreign Fighters Libya Walltrace
World News

According to the UN Secretary-General, Foreign Fighters are Still Present in Libya, Violating the Cease-Fire

According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, foreign fighters and mercenaries continue to operate in Libya in violation of a ceasefire deal reached last year, and

Negotiators from Taliban and Afghan Meeting in Qatar Walltrace
World News

Negotiators from the Taliban and the Afghan Government are Meeting in Qatar

According to the warring parties, peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s government have resumed in Qatar after a long hiatus. The development occurred on

At-home Abortions in Mexico Mobile Apps Walltrace
World News

During At-home Abortions in Mexico, Women Use Mobile Apps

Maria Muoz, a 26-year-old journalist in Mexico City, found herself facing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of the global pandemic catastrophe. Fearful of catching

Trump's Proposed Canceled Walltrace
World News

Trump’s Proposed “Garden of American Heroes” has been Canceled by Biden

President Joe Biden canceled his predecessor’s proposed “National Garden of American Heroes” and revoked former President Donald Trump’s executive orders aimed at social media companies’

Hong Kong Freezes Media Tycoon Walltrace
World News

Under Security Law, Hong Kong Freezes Media Tycoon Lai’s Shares

Hong Kong authorities have frozen Jimmy Lai’s assets, including all shares in his company, Next Digital – the first time a listed company has been

Ebrahim Raisi Leads Iran's Presidential Walltrace
World News

Ebrahim Raisi, A Conservative, Leads Iran’s Presidential Hopefuls

The overwhelming majority of top candidates for Iran’s next president signed up on the final day of registration on Saturday, eliciting a rebuke from the

Facebook Facing A ‘Devastating' Data Transfer Walltrace

Facebook is Facing A ‘Devastating’ Data Transfer Embargo from the EU to the US

The High Court of Ireland ruled on Friday that Ireland’s data regulator can resume an investigation that might lead to a ban on Facebook’s transatlantic

US Calls to End Caste-Based Discrimination Gaining Traction Walltrace

In the United States, Calls to End Caste-Based Discrimination are Gaining Traction

The city of San Francisco, California, in the United States of America — Following instances in California and New Jersey, civil rights organizations and Dalit