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Indian Staff Lawsuit Walltrace

Indian Staff Who Designed A Hindu Temple in the United States has Filed a Lawsuit Alleging Harassment

According to a lawsuit, hundreds of marginalized Indian workers were hired to create an enormous Hindu temple in New Jersey, where they were forced to

Black Fungus Indian Walltrace
World News

In COVID-19 patients, Indian Doctors have Noticed an Increase in the Presence of a “Black Fungus “

As India fights to contain an exploding COVID-19 outbreak, doctors are discovering a rash of new infections known as the “black fungus.” The infection, which


Blizzard has Announced a PvP Livestream for Overwatch 2: How to Watch, New Maps, and more.

Blizzard will hold a two-hour PvP-focused preview of Overwatch 2 later this month, promising more specifics and a closer look at the long-awaited sequel than

Pandemic Aid Fight Against
Climate Change

Gary Rynhart: Will The Pandemic Aid In The Fight Against Climate Change?

Have the clean skies and fresh air brought about by Covid-19 lockdowns aided in reaching a turning point in climate action? There seems to be

Battleground Mobile India
Mobile Gadgets Technology

Battleground Mobile is Coming to India as a Alternative to PUBG Mobile

Last fall, PUBG Mobile was removed from the Indian market, but a replacement is in the works, produced by the same company Krafton. Battleground Mobile

Zenfone 8 event for India
Mobile Gadgets Technology

The Asus Zenfone 8 Event in India Has Been Canceled, And The ROG Flow X13 and Zephyrus Reveal Have Also Been Postponed

Asus had planned to make some big announcements in India tomorrow, but those arrangements have been canceled due to the country’s current state of emergency.

Second Dose Immunization

Second Dose Immunization Drive Bangladesh Uncertainty

The authorities delayed the second dose of MM Islam, a resident of Mohakhali, because sometime after injection of the first dose, COVID-19 contracted. Now that

Redmi Note 10S receives MIUI 12.5 update
Mobile Gadgets Technology

The MIUI 12.5 Update for the Redmi Note 10S Arrives Just in Time for its Launch in India

Let’s play a game of “what Redmi is this” right now. Can you think of something the Redmi Note 10S has going for it that

India Global Shortages Walltrace

The Covid-19 Disaster in India Can Exacerbate Global Shortages

A terrifying and unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak in India threatens to halt the country’s economic recovery and send shockwaves through many critical global industries. For weeks,

Investors Exposed Threats Walltrace

Investors have been Exposed to Certain Significant Threats that have been Hidden in Plain Sight

What do overstressed supply chains, rising costs, and a ransomware assault on the Colonial Pipeline all have in common? They are all the result of