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majority owner of UFC Walltrace
World News

In an Initial Public Offering, the majority owner of the UFC is targeting a Valuation of US$10 billion

In its initial public offering, the majority shareholder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is aiming for a valuation of US$10 billion ($12.9 billion). Endeavor

Called Silicon Valley Indonesia

It’s Called Silicon Valley In Indonesia But Has Algorithm Hill Done His Homework?

Work on a multibillion-dollar project known as Algorithm Hill, which will cover 888 hectares in West Java, appears to be starting on Indonesia’s long-held aspirations

Yellen Private Funds Climate Change Walltrace

Yellen: Private Funds are Also Needed to Combat Climate Change

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that private funding, not just government spending, would be needed to address climate change’s “existential danger.” According to one calculation,

EU Climate Agreement Walltrace
World News

The EU has Reached an Ambitious Climate Agreement that has the Potential to Change the Economy

Legislators in the European Union reached a late-night agreement to make the bloc’s ambitious climate targets legally binding, opening the way for a flood of

Tech Entrepreneur Youngest Northeastern University

The 19-year-old Tech Entrepreneur Is The Youngest Singaporean On Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia List

Like many 19 in Singapore, Harsh Dalal, who has just earned his diploma in business administration, is a new graduate of polytechnic technology. But he

China's Life-growing Moonlight

China’s Life-growing Moonlight Clan Pays A Cheque But Not Because It Is Poor

For millennia, the phrase ‘treat yo’ has turned into a global term to justify a bit too much spending on a meal, a retail purchase

Lego Investments to Minimize Plastic Walltrace

The Billionaire Owners of Lego are Looking for Investments to Minimize Plastic

Lego’s billionaire owners want to invest more of their fortune in companies that find out how to eradicate excess plastic in environmentally friendly ways. Kirkbi,

Xi Jinping Reproaches Nations

Xi Jinping Reproaches Nations That Train And Interfere Arrogantly

President Xi Jinping of China said that no country should dictate or interfere with global rules in any other country, as Beijing continues to signal

China Plans Provide

China Plans To Provide $4 Billion In Supercomputing To Analyze Space Data

BEIJING – The South Chinese Wenchang Space Port will build a supercomputer center by the end of the year to analyze information from space in

Hong Kong Harbor City

Hong Kong Harbor City Test Order Following Possible Mutant Exposure To Covid Strain

The mall has been supposed to have been visited by hundreds of people on Monday, when a patient with a mutating virus stream was reported