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First Private Astronaut Flight Walltrace

Next Year will See the Launch of the First Private Astronaut Flight to the International Space Station

NASA signed an agreement this week to launch the first all-private astronaut trip to the International Space Station, expanding opportunities for private people to go

AIDS Virus used in Gene Therapy Walltrace
World News

The AIDS Virus is being used in Gene Therapy to Treat Immune Disorders in Infants

According to a new review, an experimental gene therapy that uses an unexpected ally, the AIDS virus, has successfully treated 48 out of 50 children

Forest Size France
Climate Change

Forest The Size Of France Which Has Grown Globally Over 20 Years

According to a new report, an area of forest the size of France has regrown around the world over the last 20 years, demonstrating that

Pandemic Aid Fight Against
Climate Change

Gary Rynhart: Will The Pandemic Aid In The Fight Against Climate Change?

Have the clean skies and fresh air brought about by Covid-19 lockdowns aided in reaching a turning point in climate action? There seems to be

Taiwan Climate Change
Climate Change

Taiwan, Climate Change, And U.S. Foreign Policy

According to the New York Times, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi () told a virtual audience convened by the Council on Foreign

Canada Backs Proposal
Climate Change

Canada Backs A Proposal To Use Floating Wind To Power Oil And Gas Properties

Several ventures, including one that uses floating wind turbines to power oil and gas assets, have received funding from the Canadian government, which could help

Second Dose Immunization

Second Dose Immunization Drive Bangladesh Uncertainty

The authorities delayed the second dose of MM Islam, a resident of Mohakhali, because sometime after injection of the first dose, COVID-19 contracted. Now that

Staff Fleeing Restaurants Due to Low Wages Walltrace

Staff are Fleeing Restaurants Due to Low Wages and “Toxic” Workplaces

In pre-pandemic days, about 15 people will walk into one of Patrick Whalen’s casual elegant restaurants looking for a job in the kitchen on a

US Attorneys General Coalition urges Facebook not to launch “Instagram for Kids”
Mobile Gadgets Technology

Facebook is Being Urged not to Introduce “Instagram for Kids” by the US Attorneys General Coalition

Buzzfeed first reported in March that the organization was discussing developing a “Instagram for Kids” app that would enable children under the age of 13

Militants Hifazat-e Islam

Militants In Hifazat-e Islam Who Fought In Afghanistan

Despite being a so-called apolitical organization, the police claim that Hifazat-e Islam has connections to several terrorist groups. The recent outbreak of violence unleashed by