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Colombian Cities Increase COVID Walltrace
World News

Colombian Cities are Bracing for An Increase in COVID Infections Amid Demonstrations

Following nearly two weeks of anti-government demonstrations, Colombia’s three main cities are bracing for a prolonged third peak in coronavirus cases and overstretched intensive care

Instagram Twitter Sheikh Jarrah's Content Walltrace

Instagram and Twitter Blame a Bug for the Removal of Sheikh Jarrah’s Content

Instagram and Twitter have blamed technological glitches for the deletion of posts referencing the potential expulsion of Palestinians from East Jerusalem, but data rights advocates

US Lebanese Men Hezbollah Walltrace
World News

The United States has Sanctioned Seven Lebanese Men Linked to Hezbollah

The US Treasury Department has sanctioned seven Lebanese individuals associated with Hezbollah and its banking arm for illegally transferring $500 million on behalf of the

Report: iPhone 12 production in Foxconn's facility in India drops by half as staff tests positive
Mobile Gadgets Technology

Manufacturing of the iPhone 12 has been Cut in Half at Foxconn’s India Facility Due to Positive Testing by Employees

Apple recently began producing the iPhone 12 in India, but according to Reuters, one of the factories’ production capability has been cut in half. The

Philippines' Economy Shrinks walltrace

The Philippines’ Economy Shrinks more than Anticipated as a Result of COVID

The Philippine economy shrank more than anticipated in the first quarter of 2021, bolstering expectations that the central bank would maintain record-low interest rates at

Foxconn Cut in Half Due Walltrace

Foxconn’s India iPhone Production has been Cut in Half Due to a COVID Spike, According to A Study

According to two sources, production of the Apple iPhone 12 has dropped by more than half at a Foxconn factory in India because staff contaminated

COVID Increase India Walltrace
World News

The COVID Increase in India has Leveled Off Slightly, Despite a WHO Warning About the Pressure

Despite a seven-day average of new cases reaching a record high and international health authorities alert that the strain of the virus first discovered in

US Pipeline Resuming Operations Walltrace

After a Cyberattack, The US Pipeline is Only Days Away from Resuming Operations

According to the pipeline’s operator, the largest US gasoline pipeline will not resume full operations for several days due to a ransomware cyberattack blamed on

US Lawyer Sued Chevron Facing Charges Walltrace

A US Lawyer Who Sued Chevron Over Emissions in Ecuador is Facing Charges

On Monday, a disbarred American lawyer who spent more than two decades battling Chevron Corp over emissions in the Ecuadorian rainforest attempted to defend himself

DVB Urges Thailand Refrain from Deporting Journalists Walltrace
World News

DVB Urges Thailand to Refrain from Deporting its Journalists to Myanmar

Three Myanmar journalists and two activists are scheduled to appear in court in Thailand on Tuesday on charges of “illegal entry,” with the reporters’ news