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Man Arrested Suspicion Selling

A Man Has Been Arrested On Suspicion Of Selling Counterfeit Respirators Worth More Than $200,000 On The Black Market

SINGAPORE -Authorities have detained a 34-year-old man for his alleged involvement in the online selling of suspected counterfeit respirators, following the seizure of more than

Oxygen tank spill Walltrace
World News

Oxygen Tank Spills at hospital in India, 22 Patients Dead

Officials said that twenty-two COVID-19 patients on ventilators died in a hospital in western India on Wednesday after their oxygen supply was cut off due

Police Procedures in Minneapolis Walltrace
World News

Sweeping Investigation into Police Procedures in Minneapolis after ex-cop accused of murdering George Floyd

Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed Wednesday that the Justice Department is launching a broad inquiry into police practices in Minneapolis, following the conviction of a

Pit Bull a hero Walltrace
World News

In the United States, a Pit Bull was hailed as a Hero after saving the Life of his Owners

Since saving his owner’s life, an American Pitt Bull terrier from Texas has been hailed as a hero. When a member of his family had

electric vehicle chargers
North America

The Biden Administration Lays out Proposals for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In honor of Earth Day, the Biden administration declared progress on its goals to deploy electric vehicle charging stations and “alternative fuel corridors.” During an

anti-Asian hate crime bill
North America

Anti-Asian Hate Crime Legislation is Passed by a Landslide in the Senate

The Senate passed an anti-Asian hate crimes bill by an overwhelming margin on Thursday, following a wave of violence sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sen.

Apple Card Family lets your Family Sharing
Mobile Gadgets Technology

Your Family Sharing Group Can Use Your Credit Card If You Have An Apple Card Family

The Apple Card was introduced two years ago as the company’s first foray into the financial services market – with a credit card, no less.

MediaTek sets sights on US market
Mobile Gadgets Technology

MediaTek Sets Its Sights On The US Market, Unconcerned About A Chip Shortage

In a LightReading report, Patrick Wilson, VP of government relations for MediaTek USA, answers a few questions about the state of the smartphone industry, 5G,

India Russia Freedom Blacklist Walltrace
World News

Put India and Russia on a Religious Freedom Blacklist, According to a US Panel

An independent United States commission has recommended that India, Russia, Vietnam, and Syria be added to a State Department religious freedom blacklist. The US Commission

Backlash Against Japan's

The Backlash Against Japan’s Fukushima Waste Water Plan Has Subsided As South Korea And China Assess The True Cost

South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong appeared to strike a more conciliatory tone in recent days after rebuking Japan last week over its decision to