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Chinese Horrified Wedding Pole Dance

Chinese Networkers Were Horrified By The Hot Wedding Pole Dance

Guests were amazed and widespread criticism of the racial routine in Chinese social media following a video showing a revealing pole dance at a Chinese

Dos Ramadan Muslim Communities

Dos Of Ramadan And The Muslim Communities Of Asia Spark Debate

With Ramadan entering its final days, a series of events led to a renewed debate online concerning religious prayer and whether conduct should be monitored

Joshua Bassett's High School Musical
Entertainment Hollywood

Star Joshua Bassett’s High School Musical Calls Harry Styles ‘Hot’ Here For The Fans In New Interview

Joshua Bassett admitted that in a new fan of Q&A, he totally crushes ‘charming’ and ‘hot’ Harry Styles! Musical: The music: Joshua Bassett, the first

Engagement Split Reunion
Entertainment Hollywood

From Engagement To Split & Reunion 17 Years Later, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Timeline

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were among the favorite couples in Hollywood! Look back on your legendary photos of romance. Image Source: HollywoodLife Jennifer Lopez

Asus Zenfone 8
Mobile Gadgets Technology

The Complete Asus Zenfone 8 Specifications Have Been Revealed, Including All of the Hardware

In only a few days, on May 12, Asus will unveil the Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 Flip. We already have a decent idea of

Iranian Consulate has been Targeted Walltrace
World News

Activist Murder Demonstrations have been called in Iraq, as the Iranian Consulate has been Targeted

Demonstrators set fire to trailers belonging to Iran’s consulate in Karbala, igniting outrage over the assassination of a prominent activist in the southern region. Ihab

Apple Epic Blockbuster Trial Walltrace

Apple and Epic have Completed the First Week of their Blockbuster Trial. Here’s What Happened and What’s Coming Up

Is Fortnite a video game? Is it an app? Is there a vast virtual universe? All of the aforementioned? Is an iPhone just another gaming


xQc’s Backstory: Why is the GTA RP Streamer Still Surrounded by Drama?

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro, has been involved in a number of scandals over the years. xQc was a well-known

Value of Dogecoin Plummeted Walltrace

The Value of Dogecoin has Plummeted since Elon Musk Referred to it as a “Hustle”

On Sunday, Dogecoin lost more than a third of its value after Tesla CEO and cryptocurrency supporter Elon Musk referred to it as a “hustle”

ByteDance Interested in China's $1.7 Trillion Walltrace

ByteDance is Interested in China’s $1.7 Trillion E-Commerce Market

Through a series of breakout apps like TikTok, Zhang Yiming turned ByteDance Ltd. into the world’s most valuable private business, challenging Facebook and other incumbents