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Shell Singapore Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Shell In Singapore For Testing Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Royal Dutch Shell stated that it was conducting a feasibility study with partners in Singapore on Wednesday (April 21), the first such step to be

electric vehicle chargers
North America

The Biden Administration Lays out Proposals for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In honor of Earth Day, the Biden administration declared progress on its goals to deploy electric vehicle charging stations and “alternative fuel corridors.” During an

Yellen Private Funds Climate Change Walltrace

Yellen: Private Funds are Also Needed to Combat Climate Change

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that private funding, not just government spending, would be needed to address climate change’s “existential danger.” According to one calculation,

UN US Global Finance Industry Walltrace

Climate Envoys from the United Nations and the United States have Launched a Global Finance Industry Push

United Nations climate envoy Mark Carney and his American counterpart John Kerry have announced a new strategy to improve the financial system’s efforts to help

EU Climate Agreement Walltrace
World News

The EU has Reached an Ambitious Climate Agreement that has the Potential to Change the Economy

Legislators in the European Union reached a late-night agreement to make the bloc’s ambitious climate targets legally binding, opening the way for a flood of


Season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been leaked, and it Features the Return of the Titled Tower, Kevin the Cube, Robin and Wonder Women, and More.

When it comes to Pokemon GO and its GO Fight League, Muk can be a very bulky and dangerous opponent. Grimer spawned more often during


Where Can I Get the Absolute Fortnite x Batman Zero Point Comics and Read Them?

The first version of the Fortnite x Batman Zero Point comics was published on April 20th, and a generous Reddit user has now uploaded all

Xi Jinping Reproaches Nations

Xi Jinping Reproaches Nations That Train And Interfere Arrogantly

President Xi Jinping of China said that no country should dictate or interfere with global rules in any other country, as Beijing continues to signal

Days Gone
Gaming Technology

Days Gone Looks Better on the PC, at Least in Terms of Visuals

Sony previously announced that more first-party exclusives would be coming to PC later this year, with Days Gone being the first to arrive in the

Climate Crisis World Walltrace
World News

The World is on the Brink of a Climate Crisis, According to the UN

A United Nations report has warned that time is running out to address the climate crisis, with the COVID-19 pandemic failing to put a stop