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Electronics Technology

Uh! Confirmed! On March 3rd, AMD will Introduce a New Graphics Card!

AMD has recently announced its ‘When Gaming Begins’ event, which should help to announce the launch of one (or more) Radeon RX 6000 graphics card.

Electronics Technology

(Special) Would you like to know what Effects Mining has on a Graphics Card?

As you might know, with the value of the Bitcoin virtual currency increasing in a totally scandalous way, and the mining community has returned in

Electronics Technology

At € 469, The Latest Intel Core i7-11700K has already been Released Online.

Are you interested in the latest “Rocket Lake-S” range of Intel Core 11000 processors? Well, the i7-11700K appeared today at € 469 at the famous

Electronics Technology

Based on the Old Architecture, NVIDIA Mining Cards.

NVIDIA began a small war against mining, as you might know! What? How? Quite simply, it actually limited the efficiency of the current RTX 30

Electronics Technology

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will have the Greatest News of all time!

The new wearable that has everything to be a real success is already being prepared by Xiaomi. Actually, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 would be

Business Electronics Technology

HP has Decided to Invest and Acquire HyperX for EUR 350 million.

This is an announcement that most probably wouldn’t have waited for, but it seems to be true… Yesterday, HP revealed that negotiations were concluded for

Electronics Technology

One of the Latest Intel Core 12000s is Online Right Now!

The 12000 Intel Core? Are you excited about the latest Intel Core 11000’s arrival? As early as next month, a number of processors are scheduled

Electronics Technology

Intel Promises a Quicker PCIe 4.0 than AMD !

Do you still recall when the Ryzen 3000 and X570 motherboards were released on the market? Support for the PCIe 4.0 standard was one of

Electronics Technology

The Cost of the RTX 3060 is Almost EUR 700, but it’s no Better than the RTX 2070.

Tomorrow is the official day for the launch of the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, an 8nm Ampere architecture-based graphics card that is expected to

Electronics Technology

For their Smartwatches, Huawei has News Scheduled!

It was in 2018 that Huawei released its first Watch GT, a smartwatch very different from what the manufacturer had launched up to that moment,