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Euro Truck Simulator 2
Gaming Technology

Photo Mode Update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Will Soon Allow you to Capture Trucks in Their Best Light

Never before has blue steel looked so good. It’s been a while since I’ve fired up Euro Truck Simulator 2 and gone for a leisurely

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Revamps
Gaming Technology

The new Update to Hardspace: Shipbreaker Revamps the Game’s Story and Tutorial

In space, meet all-new voiced characters. Shipbreaker places you in front of a moist gateau and hands you a cake slice, except the gateau is

Gaming Technology

All we know About Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland is That it’s a new Standalone Free-to-play Game

It’s all in the title. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland, a new standalone free-to-play game set to release in 2021-2022, has been announced by Ubisoft.

Burning Crusade Classic
Gaming Technology

The Burning Crusade Classic is set to Launch on June 1st in World of Warcraft.

Pandaria Classic is only five years away. The leaks turned out to be accurate. On June 1st, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will be

V Rising
Gaming Technology

V Rising, an Open World Vampire Survival Game, Sounds Fantastic

Gnaw necks to cement your position as the most powerful vampire in the world. Stunlock Studios, the creators of Battlerite, have come up with a

Metro Exodus Enhanced
Gaming Technology

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is now Available as a Free PC Upgrade

However, to play it, you’ll need a GPU that supports ray tracing. Metro Exodus’ dingy post-apocalyptic world has always looked good to me, but today

Gaming Technology

Former Stadia Employees Join Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios

They’re all former Ubisoft employees. Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond launched Haven Studios in March, a small Canadian studio with plans to make a new

Super Mario 64
Gaming Technology

Ray Tracing is now Available in Super Mario 64

Rogue Lords will be available on Steam later this year. It’ll also be available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The never-ending

Gaming Technology

Rogue Lords, an Upcoming Gothic Fantasy Roguelike, Casts you as a Cheating Devil

He’s a cheater, so it’s understandable. Rogue Lords is a gothic fantasy roguelike being developed by Cyanide Studio (the makers of Blood Bowl and Styx)

Gaming Technology

Tonight, Warzone Will get a new Rifle, and it’s a Good one

I can see it causing havoc in the meta. We’ve had some time to get used to the two new weapons since Call Of Duty: