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Is It Worth Using Google Assistant To Buy A Column?

There is more and more smart equipment on the market. Most of them come with a Google Assistant to guarantee a range of extra features.

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In Order to Stop the Spread of Covid-19, Rwanda Uses More Robots

The government of Rwanda has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Japan to deploy three additional state-of-the-art robots to strengthen its anti-Covid-19

Africa Robots

The Story of Two Young Bio-robotic Prosthetic Arm Inventors in Kenya

The bio-robotic prosthetic arm was developed by two Kenyan inventors, David Gathu and Moses Kinyua. This is not a revolutionary invention, but there is an

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Robosen K1 Cool Robot that Flips and Fart via Voice Command

CES 2021 – Robotic butlers get all the eye at the event, however I’ve met the good robotic you possibly can personal proper now. Slightly

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Samsung New Maid Robots at CES 2021 as Personal Assistant and Clean the House

CES is full of updates specially with Samsung robots. The company on Monday at its virtual press conference showed off three new Bots to help

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NASA Wants to Send Robot Dogs for Mars Exploration

During the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union researchers at  NASA  reported that to explore and learn more about  Mars , they used  dogs