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Software Application Technology

Google Maps for Android Formally Gets “Dark Mode”

Google at long last chose to offer Maps official help for dull mode on Android. Thus, 539 days after the dispatch of Android 10 we

Software Application Technology

Google Chat: It’s Everybody’s Last Farewell to Google Hangouts

In the principal half of 2021 we will be qualified for a free form of Google Chat. This addresses the last farewell to Hangouts as

Software Application Technology

Firefox 86 has Great News about Abandoning Chrome for you!

Chrome over Firefox is preferred by most individuals. There is something that Firefox is significantly better at, however, security. Now, Mozilla has recently declared war

Mobile Gadgets Software Application Technology

One UI 3.1 brings Samsung DeX to More Smartphones in the Galaxy!

It was discovered a few weeks ago that the Galaxy S21 had arrived with DeX wireless support. That is, without needing cables, we can use

Electronics Software Application Technology

Google Assistant Engages with Apple TV for Chromecast

With its new novelty, the fashion gadget is at the mouth of the world again. So, only a few months after its presentation, last week,

Electronics Software Application Technology

(Special) What is Overclocking? Are they Safe?

There is a growth period in the PC world again, so we have really good people trying to assemble their first machine, or upgrade their

Software Application Technology

WhatsApp: This is Going to Happen if you Don’t Comply with the Rules!

Because of the many features that have always arrived, if WhatsApp has been addressed for many years, behold, things have changed recently and the subject

Software Application Technology

Windows 10: The Watchwords are the Floating and Round Corners!

At the design stage, Microsoft has yet to publicly announce any of its plans for Windows 10. We have, however, come to know some stuff

Electronics Software Application Technology

MediaTek’s SP Flash Tool Authentication Is Now Easy To Bypass.

MediaTek chipset devices have a BROM (boot read-only memory) that usually loads the executable preloader and then boots the Android system, but also houses an

Software Application Technology

This Is Our First Look At The Wallpaper-Based Theme System For Android 12.

Earlier this week, before the release of Android 12 Developer Preview 1, we heard that Google is working on a new theme scheme that can