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Instagram introduces new tools for filtering abusive direct message requests.
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Instagram Introduces New Tools For Filtering Abusive Direct Message Requests

Instagram’s efforts to block hateful or abusive DM requests will soon be expanded. Instagram’s most recent blog post outlines how the app will further prevent

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See How to Free Up Space in Google Images Without Going Overboard.

Google Photos is without a doubt one of the best applications for making backup copies and handling all of our photos, and I can’t say

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Windows 10 Will Even Remove the Microsoft Edge Grandfather Version

As you know, Windows 10 still comes with three pre-installed browsers. So, we have two Microsoft Edge and the third is Internet Explorer . It is optional and can

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New Windows 10: Get Ready for Microsoft’s Biggest Revolution

No one doubts that Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. Either at the corporate or at the domestic level. However and despite this high usage

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Google Maps is Preparing to be a Great Social Network

When we think of influencers, followers and popularity, we think of Instagram. That’s where brands want to be and it’s where influencers do everything they can

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Waze: See How to Solve the New Problem with Android Auto

Waze is undoubtedly one of the best navigation applications and much of the power comes from a super community. In fact, with great precision, it manages

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WhatsApp is Getting Ready to Receive Part of Instagram

Since Facebook is the owner of the WhatsApp and Instagram platforms it is not surprising that sometimes there are some integrations between them. That said, WhatsApp

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Twitter: Several Accounts Suspended for Writing a Word

If there are strange things, this is one of them. Certainly it is the result of any automation that is poorly configured. Is that if you use

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Gmail Android has just Received a Very Useful New Feature

There is no doubt that the most widely used email application worldwide is Gmail. It works well, is available for various platforms and is free. However, this

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Google Alerts Chrome Users on Windows and Mac

Google is working quickly to fix a dangerous flaw in Chrome. In practice it can allow them to run applications on the computer and launch attacks. That’s