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Rudy Giuliani Will Turn On Donald Trump
Politics US News

Rudy Giuliani is Getting rid of Donald Trump, According to Michael Cohen

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, spoke out about the situation surrounding former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in an interview

Transgender President AMERICA
Politics US News

According to a Delaware Democrat, America Will Eventually Elect a Transgender President

Sarah McBride, the first openly transgender state senator from Delaware, hopes that the United States will “eventually” elect a transgender president. McBride said that America

US News World News

A Giant Carrier Returns to a Transformed Nation After 10 Months at Sea

A mounting pandemic toll of death. A controversial election. At the Capitol, a riot. One sailor on the Nimitz said, “The world at home has

Politics US News

Give the Chance to Biden? On Covid Help, Some Trump Voters May Just be Able to

Republican leaders in Washington strongly condemn the President’s stimulus package, but it is backed, interviews and polls show, by a large number of Trump voters.

Politics US News

Militia Groups Intend to ‘Blow Up the Capitol,’ Testifies a Police Chief

In the midst of ongoing threats, the acting head of the force defending the Capitol said security measures, including fencing and the involvement of the

Politics US News

Tomorrow Continues with CPAC and Trump is Still the Republican Universe Core

On the Republican front, things have been quiet ever since President Donald Trump left the White House five weeks ago. The G.O.P. has not yet

US News World News

U.S. Syrian Airstrikes Hit Iran-supported Militias That Have Rocked American Troops in Iraq

President Biden ordered retaliatory strikes against militias whose attacks this month in Erbil killed one civilian contractor and wounded a member of the U.S. military.

Politics US News

A Black Officer Came Face to Face with Bigotry, Battling the Crowd,

“On Jan. 6, Harry Dunn, a Capitol police officer, said, “Black officers fought a different battle. Here is what he saw and heard as the

Politics US News

Official Top Senate Disqualifies Minimum Wage From Stimulus Package

The parliamentarian ruled that the clause, which would eventually lift the pay to $15 an hour, breached the strict budget rules that restrict what can

Europe US News

First Greek F-16 Arrives in Texas to be Upgraded to Viper Class

The Greek Air Force’s first modified F-16 aircraft is now in Texas and at the Lockheed Martin Aero plant. The Viper version upgrade is a