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Europe Wildlife

The Rules For Post-Brexit Hold European Bees Out of Britain

Bees have been introduced from warmer countries into Britain for decades to replenish supplies and to act as early awakening pollinators for fruit farms. But

Europe Wildlife

Sarajevo Zoo Welcomes Golden-Cheeked Pairs of Gibbons

On Monday, the Sarajevo Zoo received its first pair of golden-cheeked gibbons, joining the European menagerie family who are seeking to save the endangered tiny

Africa Wildlife

Male Baboon Found Roaming Around Tokai, Caught and Returned to Soldiers

The City of Cape Town said that the male baboon discovered last week wandering around the urban area of Tokai was captured and returned to

Wildlife World News

In Kenya, This Baby Boom Is Helping to Save an Endangered Species

At Tiwi Beach on Kenya’s South Coast, tiny green turtles scramble for the cover of the ocean. For their species, which is listed as endangered

Wildlife World News

‘The World’s Smallest Reptile’ Found in Madagascar

Scientists claim that the smallest reptile on earth could have been found – a subspecies of chameleon that is the size of a seed. A

Wildlife World News

Singapore’s ‘Lion King’ cub Simba was Born from the Semen of Dead Dad Mufasa.

The Singapore Zoo is marking the birth of its first artificially inseminated lion cub. Unfortunately, since the geriatric lion was not revived after the insemination


Young Mountain Lion In the Santa Monica Mountains Discovered

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)-Researchers in the Santa Monica Mountains caught and released a young mountain lion earlier this month. Since he was detected nearby by


Over 101 Freeway Raises $18 million Initiative to Construct Wildlife Crossing; Groundbreaking Within Reach

LOS ANGELES – A fundraising effort to raise funds for a wildlife crossing over the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills has hit the $18 million


Significant Shark Decrease Leaves ‘Gaping Opening’ in Sea

TOKYO: Overfishing has savaged populations of some sharks and rays by more than 70 per cent in the last half-century, leaving a “gaping, growing opening”


Tigers Recovered from COVID in Minnesota Sanctuary after Outbreak

MINNEAPOLIS  — A tiger tested positive for COVID-19 at a Minnesota wildcat sanctuary, marking the second instance of an animal contracting the virus in the