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Israeli Soldiers Injured Hundreds of Palestinians Walltrace
World News

During Nakba Day Marches, Israeli Soldiers Injured Hundreds of Palestinians

During rallies marking the Nakba, when approximately 800,000 Palestinians were forcibly driven from their homes to make room for the birth of the state of

Ethiopian Elections Postponed Again Walltrace
World News

Ethiopian Elections have been Postponed yet again due to Security and Logistical Concerns

Ethiopia’s national election has been postponed once more after certain opposition parties declared they would not participate, and because no vote would be place in

Israel's Destruction of Gaza Offices is Vehemently Condemned Walltrace
World News

Israel’s Destruction of Gaza Offices is Vehemently Condemned by Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera strongly condemns the Israeli military’s shelling and damage of its Gaza offices, which it sees as a clear attempt to prevent journalists from

'Silence the Story' says Israeli Bombing of Media Offices Walltrace
World News

‘Silence the Story’ says Israeli Bombing of Media Offices

Press freedom groups have slammed Israel’s bombing of an Al Jazeera and Associated Press news agency headquarters in Gaza, calling it a reckless attempt to

Congo Walltrace
World News

Thirty People have been Sentenced to Death in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a Result of Anti-police Violence

Thirty people were sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) following a one-day trial for their roles in anti-police riots in

Israeli Airstrikes Al Jazeera's Office Walltrace
World News

Israeli Airstrikes Destroy the Gaza Skyscraper that Housed Al Jazeera’s Office

In the Gaza Strip, an Israeli air raid destroyed a building that contained international media offices, including Al Jazeera. It was unclear whether there were

Foreign Fighters Libya Walltrace
World News

According to the UN Secretary-General, Foreign Fighters are Still Present in Libya, Violating the Cease-Fire

According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, foreign fighters and mercenaries continue to operate in Libya in violation of a ceasefire deal reached last year, and

Forced Labor Uighurs Walltrace
World News

A Report Warns of Forced Labor by Uighurs in the Solar Panel Production Chain

A new research advises China against using Uighur forced labor in the global supply chain for solar panel manufacture. According to a research conducted by

Negotiators from Taliban and Afghan Meeting in Qatar Walltrace
World News

Negotiators from the Taliban and the Afghan Government are Meeting in Qatar

According to the warring parties, peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s government have resumed in Qatar after a long hiatus. The development occurred on

At-home Abortions in Mexico Mobile Apps Walltrace
World News

During At-home Abortions in Mexico, Women Use Mobile Apps

Maria Muoz, a 26-year-old journalist in Mexico City, found herself facing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of the global pandemic catastrophe. Fearful of catching